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A Valmet forwarder is one of Born Logging’s array of equipment.
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“Logging is a community,” said Born. “We call each other for help, when needed. There is no competition.”
Born Logging recently won two contracts from the State of Wisconsin.
“I’m pretty excited about that. I took a chance and bid against the bigger businesses,” said Born. Both state jobs are scheduled to start in August.
Born also works on private jobs — he has two to three years of work on the books.
“There is plenty of work to be done out there,” he said.
When he’s not working his dream job, he enjoys time with his supportive family, wife Becky and children Kanen and Kensley. His hobbies include hunting and fishing.
“Duck hunting is my passion. North Dakota is my favorite place to do that.” said Born. “I’m doing my actual dream as a kid.”
To contact Born Logging, call 920-251-4506.
“Thereisplentyof ” work to be done out there.
Frank Born
Owner of Born Logging

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