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Attention Loggers
Here Are Just A Few Things
We Can Do For You ....
•Crane Service to 275 Ton •Machinery Moving •Complete Steel Fabricating Facility
•Build Portable Bridges for Crossing Streams
•Big & Small Repairs & Modifications to
Your Equipment
•Transportation Equipment for Both Equipment & Logs •Specialized Heavy Haul
Serving Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan ~ Delivery and Installation Available ~
“ Logging is a ”
community. We call each other for help, when needed. There is no competition.
Frank Born
Owner of Born Logging
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hardwood products, pulp, bolts, logs and firewood. The company also has added one full time employee and one sub-contractor.
“I really enjoy it, even on the bad days,” said Born.
Business hours are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. — plus whatever hours it takes to complete a job.
Born runs his business in the southeastern corner of Wisconsin. He has noticed the average age of loggers is older in the area.
“I see it (the logging business) growing, but less and less (people) doing work. Not a lot of younger loggers,” he said.
“I was trained by the older loggers, the ones who know how logging has been done,” said Born. “I am in the growing stage of business, by adding more contracts and updating to more dependable and efficient equipment.”
Born isn’t worried about competition.
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