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means we're sharing information and mov- ing each other forward, but at the same time each of us is able to focus on our part of the task."
Silver Lake State Park, in Mears, along
the Lake Michigan shoreline in Oceana County, is the most-northerly-known loca- tion of hemlock woolly adelgid in Michi- gan.
Emma Fojtik and Katie Knapp, crew members with Ottawa Conservation Dis- trict's adelgid project, perch halfway up the slope of a forested dune on private property just south of the park.
They are mapping the location of every hemlock on the property, recording each tree's diameter and attaching a numbered tag to the trunk. This prepares the site for chemical treatment to be applied by con- tractors in the fall or spring.
Eastern hemlock trees growing at Porcu- pine Mountains Wilderness State Park in Ontonagon County are shown.
"Once we find an infested tree, every hemlock within 800 feet of the tree will be treated," Knapp explains, as she gestures toward a seedling full of white masses. "Basically, all of the hemlocks on this property have hemlock woolly adelgids."
Nearly identical work is happening at Sil- ver Lake State Park, where DNR staff is
Photo by Ignazio Graziosi, University of Kentucky,
The defoliated eastern hemlock trees in the center of the photo show damage from hemlock woolly adelgids in the Great Smoky Mountains.

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