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Technology Associate Degree Program
Graduates are prepared to work as a
Forestry Technician
or can transfer and pursue a four-year forestry degree.
Ironwood, MI • (906) 307-1207
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Above is the Ponsse Ergo Harvester used by Kleiman Logging. Cody Kleiman, Mark Kleiman’s son, does the harvesting work for the family-run business.
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it,” said Kleiman.
At the time, Kleiman had approximately seven years of work scheduled. “We would take everything from the ground and chip it up after harvest-
ing the trees. At that time, we were the third supplier to Verso,” Kleiman said.
Since the price of natural gas lowered, biomass’ demand has gone down dramatically. “Industries have decided to use natural gas instead. We no longer collect all the biomass now,” said Kleiman. “There is so much organ- ic matter out there... that should be used as an energy source.”
Kleiman likes to keep the business in the family. His two sons, Cody and Kyle, brother Larry, cousin Joe and wife Reva all work at Kleiman Forest Products. Two Ponsse Ergo harvesters, one Ponsse forwarder/skidder and a log truck make the work easier.
“We can haul 150 miles at a time. We harvest on private, state, federal lands. A lot of private lands,” said Kleiman. “All species of wood.”
Now, Kleiman sees the market as being flooded.
“Mills are saturated with wood, we need more markets,” he said. “There’s another mill downstate... should ease flow to mills up here. All mills are working wide open. It’s (logging) slow, but I anticipate it picking up,” he said.
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