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room being decorated to look like a Michigan forest.
Growing U.P. Foresters features several different activities for visitors to
participate in, including logging simulators and a paper-making station. “They are able to make their own paper,” Rusha said. Volunteers from
Verso Corporation’s Escanaba mill assist visitors at this station.
People going through Growing U.P. Foresters are also able to learn about the area’s forest products industry by filling out questions on a guide sheet.
This sheet is given to visitors when they begin their tour of the exhibit. “They get a guide sheet in the front, and they answer questions on the
guide sheet,” Rusha said.
Growing U.P. Foresters has been rising in popularity over the years,
Rusha said.
“Attendance is going up,” she said.
During the U.P. State Fair, which takes place every August in Escanaba,
the exhibit attracts fairgoers from across the country.
“Last year, we started keeping track of in-Michigan visitors and out-of-
state (visitors),” Rusha said. On one day of the 2018 fair, the exhibit brought in 41 visitors from outside of Michigan and two visitors from out- side the country. Rusha noted that the foreign visitors came from Russia and Canada.
Children visiting the U.P. State Fair have been consistently enthusiastic about Growing U.P. Foresters, Rusha said.
“It’s the kids’ favorite place to go at the fair,” she said. However, the exhibit is designed to appeal to all ages. “It’s for youth and adults,” Rusha said.
Jordan Beck | Great Lakes Logging
Kristoff Stahlmann, left, and Wilhelm Stahlmann of Gladstone, Mich. weigh a toy logging truck while visiting “Growing U.P. Foresters,” an interactive walk-through exhibit in Escanaba, Mich. This exhibit is located in the Miracle of Life Pavilion at the U.P. State Fairgrounds.

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