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chemicals reacted with water and oxygen and then, carried by the wind, were deposited as acidic rain, snow and fog.
The images of dead trees littering mountains in the 1980s helped inspire changes to the Clean Air Act in 1990. The amendments proposed by Pres- ident George H.W. Bush in 1989 mandated reductions in certain gas emis- sions and boosted regulation of toxic pollutants.
The first signs of healthier red spruce trees in the northeastern U.S. came
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full arc from declining for some unknown reason, to figuring out the reason, to them doing something about the cause and then the tree responding and rebounding again.
Paul Schaberg
Plant physiologist with the U.S. Forest Service
We've seen it go
In this
Schaberg stands beside a healthy red spruce tree growing on Mount Mansfield in Stowe, Vt.
June 12
photo, U.S.
Ser vice
scientist Paul
AP photo

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